Tim Jones

Tim Jones


I have practiced in property law for over 35 years, and I have been a Partner at Glaister Ennor since 1983.

I head Glaister Ennor’s residential property and land development team, which comprises of lawyers and legal executives specialising in property and land law transactions. We advise both private individuals and the property development industry who are buying, selling, or developing land; particularly, residential land and buildings.

I have developed my practice into four specific property law areas; namely:

  • private client property work
  • land developments
  • unit title advisory work; and
  • property law expert opinions.

I’ve written more details on each of those areas of my practice below:

  • Private client property work – I have developed a large group of private clients, and, therefore, I have built up a great deal of knowledge and experience in the problems and intricacies of buying and selling property in New Zealand. Even though, conveyancing (as it is called) has changed remarkably over the years I have been in practice, I have been able to adapt to those changes. By being involved with the Auckland District Law Society Inc (ADLSi) on various property law committees (including the committee involved with the drafting of the industry standard agreement for sale and purchase of real estate) and by being involved with the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) and its Property Law Section has ensured I adapt to the changes.
  • Land Developments – My practice includes the development of multi-lot subdivisions, which have complex legal resource management and subdivision issues. These subdivisions can vary from simple two lot subdivisions to subdivisions with many hundreds of lots. I also deal with the complexity that unit title developments entail. This often means devising multi-levelled legal structures for complex development – New Zealand’s land development industry is becoming more complex!
  • Unit title advisory work – My involvement in unit title developments has led to the third area of my practice, which is an expertise in Unit Titles Act matters. I have been heavily involved in the revision of the Unit Titles Act 1972 and the passing of the Unit Titles Act 2010 along with its associated Regulations. I have served on various New Zealand Law Society working parties concerning the Unit Titles Act 2010, and I have been involved in New Zealand Law Society and ADLSi seminars concerning this piece of legislation. My expertise and practice has been broadened through various unit title advisory work: I assist owners in unit title developments, bodies corporate, and body corporate managers. I assist them with a wide range of advice concerning the unit title developments and the associated legislation.
  • Property law expert opinions – I provide expert evidence and opinions on property and land law matters. This includes being an expert witness on cases before the Weathertight Homes Tribunal and District and High Courts throughout New Zealand. I am often called on to give opinions and expert evidence on a broad range of property and land law topics. For example, solicitors’ negligence on conveyancing transactions, purchasers’ duties and responsibilities in regards to the purchase of property, complex land law issues, and unit title developments’ topics.

Area of Expertise

Unit Titles & Incorporated Societies



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